Uttarakhand lockdown day 3: locks in mosques due to lockdown, prayers at homes


The mosques have been closed to the namazis before Zuma was abolished on the appeal of the Ulama due to the lockdown. As usual, at 12:30 in the afternoon, Azaan has started in different mosques, but the doors of the mosques are locked. At the same time, it has been written in a notice at the gate that due to the lockdown, following the guidelines of the government, offer Namaz at your homes.

Since Zuma’s prayers are imam’s khutba (a special Arabic address to a group of namazis). Therefore Zuma prayers will not be performed at homes. However, one of the five prayer prayers is offered in Zohar prayers in their homes. Subi Sadar Maulana Arif Kasami of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind says that it has been announced from all mosques that people should offer Zohar prayers in their homes. The prayers of Zuma will not be offered for common prayers in mosques. On the other hand, the mosques were locked in Uttarkashi. People offered namaz in their homes.


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