Uttarakhand: Laxmanjhula-Dugadda-Mohan-Ranikhet road connecting Kumaon and Garhwal received in-principle approval

Laxmanjhula-Dugadda-Mohan-Ranikhet road

People will be able to enter the capital without going to UP

The proposed new National Highway to connect Garhwal-Kumaon in Uttarakhand has received in-principle approval. On final approval, the survey work will start soon. With the construction of this highway, the people of Kumaon will be able to travel to Dehradun without entering UP.

On 30 December 2019, a social worker from Ramnagar, Harishchandra Sati had sent a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and demanded the said National Highway. On the letter of social worker, the PMO was asked for the proposal of a new national highway (300 km long) from Laxmanjhula to Ranikhet from the Ministry of Road Transport.

A proposal for the route from Laxmanjhula (Rishikesh) to Dugadda-Nainidanda –

Shankarpur-Mohan-Bhatraunjkhan-Ranikhet was sent to the PMO by the Ministry of Road Transport. It has received in-principle approval from the PMO. Now the survey work on the highway will start soon. The national highway will be double lane with budget approval.

Mohan-Ranikhet road will be widened

Ranikhet State Highway is single lane from Mohan. The pressure of vehicles on this is also high. In view of the movement of vehicles, there has been a demand for the widening of this route, but the route was not widened. The route from Mohan to Ranikhet in the new National Highway will now be double lane. Due to the widening of the route, vehicles will be able to run gallop.

The principle approval for converting the Laxmanjhula-Dugadda-Rathuvadhab-Mohan-Ranikhet road into a national highway has been received from the Ministry of Road Transport. On final approval, the work of widening of the road will start.
– Anil Pangati, Superintending Engineer, National Highway Circle, Lonivi


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