Uttarakhand: ISRO will map rivers in September, Union Minister Javadkar gave hints


The road for the extraction of sub-minerals is also seen in the rivers of the state. The mapping of rivers will be done by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in September itself.

With this, now permission will be received from the Regional Office in cases of transfer of forest land up to one hectare in the state. Simultaneously, there is a possibility of getting rid of the problem of finding revenue land for compensatory plantation.

Union Forest and Environment Minister, Prakash Javadekar gave this information in a meeting with Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat on Saturday. According to the Union Forest Minister, in the mapping of rivers from ISRO, it will also find out about the mineral deposits in the rivers.

After this, the extraction of this sub-mineral will be done in a scientific and transparent manner. Mining in rivers is considered as a major source of revenue in the state, but due to rivers of forest area and other reasons, the mineral extraction in rivers is not possible. The state government says that due to this, the bottom of the rivers are rising and the low-lying areas are facing floods.

The state government may get another relief in case of land transfer. According to the Union Forest Minister, the Regional Office has been empowered to take decisions on the transfer of forest land up to one hectare. This will speed up the transfer of land.

After the Kedarnath disaster, the state was given the right to transfer up to five hectares of forest land, but now this right lies with the Union Ministry of Forest and Environment. According to the Union Forest Minister, under the compensation, the right to plant in the submerged forests of the state is also being given.

So far compensation has to be done in areas other than plantation forest land. Due to the lack of revenue land, compensatory afforestation is being done in areas outside the state. The Union Forest Minister said that work is also being done to give the state the right to plant trees in areas of height above one thousand. The budget is being allowed to be spent even after 30 September in CAMPA.


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