Uttarakhand: International aircraft will be able to fly 30 thousand feet above Pantnagar Airport

Pantnagar Airport

Constant work is going on to equip Pantnagar Airport with state-of-the-art facilities. In this sequence, UH equipment has been installed at Pantnagar Airport to signal international aircraft. They are placed in operational mode after installation of the equipment.

Soon international airplanes flying above 30,000 feet from the airport will start receiving signals. For this, the aircraft using the signal will pay a fee to the airport. This will also increase the revenue of Pantnagar Airport.

Actually, with the expansion of Pantnagar Airport, there is an exercise to start air service to many metros from here. Pantnagar to Delhi and Dehradun, Pantnagar to Kanpur, Mumbai and other cities are also being connected by air.

Private companies are being contracted for air services. Here, Pantnagar Airport is being equipped with state-of-the-art services. In this sequence, UH equipment has been installed at the airport at a cost of over five crores.

With these devices, the total air space will be divided into two parts upper and lower space. International flights flying at 30 thousand to 35 thousand feet in upper space and domestic flights flying at 15 to 16 thousand feet in lower space will get the signal.

Airport director SK Singh said that at present only domestic flights flying at 15 to 16 thousand feet could get signals. Now international flights will also be able to get signals from Pantnagar Airport.

Revenue will be given to the airport for the hours or minutes the aircraft takes from UH equipment. Reported that the equipment has been installed and brought into operation mode. Soon these devices will start giving signals to international aircraft. As of now, signals to international aircraft operate from Delhi.


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