Uttarakhand: Grievances will be clamped on private schools, complaint cell will be made in every district

private schools

Grievance cell will be made in every district, a toll-free number will be issued
Additional director basic and secondary will be president at the state level

The state government is now going to clamp down on private schools. For complaints of these schools, a complaint cell will now be constituted under the chairmanship of the CEO in every district. Apart from this, a toll-free number will also be issued by the department for complaints.

According to Education Minister Arvind Pandey, the Chief Education Officer of the district will be the chairman of this cell. Apart from this, Additional Director Secondary Garhwal in Garhwal Division and Additional Director Secondary Kumaon in Kumaon Division will be its President.

Additional Director Basic Education and Additional Director Secondary Education at the state level have been made its president. The Education Minister said that necessary instructions have been given to the departmental officers for action in the matter.

Parents started to fear a fee hike
The annual examination of the current academic session in Roorkee has not even started in most schools, but parents have already started to fear the fees for the upcoming academic session. There are various types of discussions about the fees hike in parents. It is discussed that in many schools this time there is a preparation to increase the fees by one and a half times.

Roorkee is known as Shikshanagari. Private schools are also in abundance. If parents are to be believed, there is no rule regarding an increase in fees in these private schools. Private schools increase the fees. As soon as the academic session starts in April, the fee hike is a big issue of Roorkee. Something similar is being seen this year as well.

Appropriate action will be taken after conducting the investigation
Discussion among parents is in full swing that fees can be increased in schools. A parent said on the condition of anonymity that there is a discussion in the school where his son studies, the fees will be one and a half times, but so far no written notice has been issued regarding the fee hike.

This is when most of the private schools have not even been able to have the annual examination of the current academic session. Parents Sanjay Kumar, Vikas, Amit Kumar, Chhatrapal, etc. say that the government should formulate rules regarding an increase in fees in private schools. So that the fees in schools cannot be increased.

Till now no school has received a complaint regarding an increase in fees. If a school increases the fees and the complaint is received, appropriate action will be taken after conducting the inquiry.
– Brahmapal Singh Saini, District Education Officer, Basic


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