Uttarakhand: Governor Baby Rani Maurya to honor 58 policemen on Republic Day

Governor Baby Rani Maurya

Governor to honor eight police personnel for outstanding service and distinguished work
Police headquarters announced the names of employees to be honored on Wednesday evening

On January 26, 58 police officers and staff will be honored in the Republic Day Parade. Of these, eight police personnel will receive the Governor’s outstanding service and excellent commendable service.

The Governor Baby Rani Maurya will confer the mark of honor on him. The remaining policemen will be honored by Director General of Police Anil Kumar Ratudi. The police headquarters on Wednesday evening announced the names of officers and employees to be honored.

They will get the Governor Excellent Service Medal
– Prakash Chandra Deoli, Deputy Superintendent of Police, PTC Narendranagar (Allied Kumbh Mela)
– Vikram Singh Negi, Sub Inspector Special Category Haridwar.
– Hari Singh, Head Constable, IRB II.
– Kanwar Pal, Reserve Vigilance Headquarters Dehradun.
– Ravindra Shah, Sub-Inspector Haridwar.
– Arjun Kumar, Sub-Inspector Haridwar.
– Amit Kumar, constable, Haridwar.
– Prabhakar, Reserve, Haridwar.

Apart from these, the policemen who received the mark of outstanding and commendable service will be honored by Director General of Police Anil Kumar Ratudi on Republic Day. Non-gazetted officers and employees will be awarded cash prizes of Rs 5000 and Rs 2000 with a mark of honor.

Outstanding service award mark on the basis of service
– Bijendra Dutt Doval, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Haridwar.
– Rakesh Chandra Deoli, Deputy Superintendent of Police Traffic, Dehradun.
– Digvijay Singh Parihar, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Communications Headquarters, Dehradun.
– Devendra Singh Negi, Sub Inspector, Udham Singh Nagar.
– Senpal Singh, Platoon Commander, 46th Corps PAC.
– Puran Chandra Joshi, Sub Inspector Special Category, Bageshwar.

Outstanding service award mark for specific work
– Vidya Dutt Joshi, Sub-Inspector, Udham Singh Nagar.
– Dharmendra Singh Rautela, Police Station Incharge Premnagar, Dehradun.

Commendable service award mark on the basis of service
– Ganesh Lal, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Rudraprayag.
– Ram Singh Rawat, Dalnayak, 40th Corps Pac.
– Ashok Kumar Singh, Inspector of Respondents, Almora.
– Mahesh Pal Singh, Inspector, STF.
– Kundan Singh Rana, Inspector ATC Haridwar.
– Ramamurthi Singh Rawat, Sub Inspector, Notification, Chief Minister Security, Dehradun.
– Pitambar Bhatt, Sub Inspector, Champawat.
– Ramesh Chandra Tiwari, Sub Inspector, Udham Singh Nagar.
– Ramesh Chandra Deorani, Sub Inspector Special Category, Udham Singh Nagar.
– Ruplal, Head Constable, CBCID, Dehradun.
– Kundan Singh, Sub Inspector Special Category, Haridwar.
– Govardhan Prasad, Sub-Inspector Special Category, Pauri Garhwal.
– JE Ram, Head Constable Special Division, Driver 46th Corps PAC.
– Ramesh Chandra, Head Constable IRB I Ramnagar.
– Bhawan Singh, Head Constable, 31st Corps PAC Rudrapur.
– Puran Ram, Nayak, 31st Corps Pac Rudrapur.

Commendable service award mark for specific work
– Dilwar Singh Negi, SO Nehru Colony, Dehradun.
– Sanjay Mishra, Cantt Kotwali in-charge, Dehradun.
– Lalit Kumar, constable, Dehradun.
– Deep Prakash, constable, Dehradun.
– Rajesh Singh Kunwar, Reserve, Dehradun.
– Devendra Singh, Reserve, Dehradun.
– Dinesh Singh, constable, Dehradun.
– Ashok Rathore, SO Rajpur, Dehradun.
– Arshad, constable, Dehradun.
– Pankaj, constable, Dehradun.
– Kedar Singh Chauhan, Sub Inspector, Uttarkashi.
– R. Turaj, Sub Inspector Uttarkashi.
– Chandan Singh, constable, Uttarkashi.
– Uttam Singh, constable, Uttarkashi.
– Ramesh Rana, constable, Uttarkashi.
– Amar Chandra Sharma, Inspector, STF.
– Sunil Kumar, Head Constable STF.
– Manoj Kumar, Reserve, STF.
– Surendra Kumar, constable driver, STF.
– Manoj Rawat, Sub Inspector SDRF.
– Sushil Kumar, Reserve, SDRF.
– Suresh Malasi, Reserve, SDRF.
– Kundan Tomar, Reserve SDRF.
– Rajendra Nath, Reserve, SDRF
– Gopal Dutt Joshi, Inspector Notification Headquarters.
– Jeevan Singh Rawat, Sub Inspector, CCTNS Police Headquarters.


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