Uttarakhand government withdraws four cases filed against cabinet minister Arvind Pandey

cabinet minister Arvind Pandey

The state government has withdrawn four cases including the case filed against Education and Sports Minister Arvind Pandey and others in the year 2015 for assaulting Naib Tehsildar. The government has recommended withdrawing three other cases filed in the sections of the government and obstruct peace, along with this lawsuit filed against him. These lawsuits were filed after 2012.

In the same year, no decision has been taken on the other cases, including the cases filed at the Kundeshwari police station. Cabinet minister Arvind Pandey has about a dozen lawsuits filed in various police stations.

It was alleged that the then Tehsildar’s vehicle in Dineshpur was stopped by the then Gadarpur MLA Arvind Pandey and his supporters. A case was registered against 15 people in this case.


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