Uttarakhand: Government to ban regular appointments and royal expenditure to reduce spending

ban regular appointments and royal expenditure

The government, which came under pressure due to the lockdown, has now banned regular appointments in the state to reduce expenditure. The new motto of the government is outsourced. Along with this, five-star culture and royal expenditure have also been banned. Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh has issued this order for all departments to minimize expenses.

In this scheme of subsidy, government appointments have also been scissored. Regular appointments to technical vacancies including the Fourth class have been completely banned. By the way, the Fourth Class has been already declared a Dying Cadre and the Pay Committee had also asked to outsource more and more. At the same time, consultants have also been denied staffing. The government has had to take this step immediately after the employment year due to COVID.

The second scissor went on construction plans. There is a ban on building from new government buildings to new guest houses. Along with this, the departments have also been asked to identify and eliminate the unusable schemes. The main aspect of frugality is the ban on royal spending.

Apart from banning the Rajbhoj in Five Star Hotels, officers have been asked to travel in economy class only. Departments have also been asked to do seminars, etc. in government buildings and avoid hotels. Government personnel have been asked to use the e-platform more and more to reduce office expenses.

Why the need arose

According to the order issued by Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh, the government has to spend more on the prevention of COVID-19. This has resulted in a rapid decrease in income due to lockdown. The state’s GDP has been affected and revenue has come down.

Expense reduction plan
– Prohibition on new appointments, emphasis on outsource
– Unused positions will be eliminated, employees will be adjusted in other departments, there will be no higher pay scale
– Prohibition on creation of new posts in departments other than medicine and police
– Contrary to service rules, appointment on contract, fixed salary, daily salary in departments completely stopped. Request to get outsourced work done.
– With the fourth class, there will be outsourced work, not regular appointments on vacant posts of a driver, gardener, wireman, electrician, plumber, liftman, etc.
– Advisors will not get staff. The department can provide surplus staff or will be outsourcing.

Construction work
– New guest houses will not be built at the level of government and corporations, etc. New offices and buildings will not be built in the headquarters.

Development plans
– Regular review of development plans. Unhelpful schemes will be eliminated. Prohibition on giving additional benefits to the personnel working in the schemes. Pre-issued TA, DA, etc. will be available.

Restrained even when roaming
– Minimum expenditure on travel expenses, advertising, printing, etc. Officers will travel from economy class only. Travel also at least.
– No such seminars, workshops abroad are allowed to go, which will help the state government
– Have to bear the cost Departments will work to eliminate the revenue deficit.

This is also the plan
– Surplus teachers will be sent to another place in the primary
– Strict observance of student-teacher ratio in primary education, adjustment of surplus teachers will be on vacant positions. There will be a review every three months.

Zero-based budget
– Zero-based budget for new schemes. This means that the cost of the scheme will be assessed afresh and every expenditure will be tested.
– Prohibition on purchase of new vehicles except for security.
– The consent of finance has to be obtained to take a taxi on contract. A contract for registered vehicles only, the prohibition of a contract of private vehicles.

Avoiding Five-Star culture, emphasis on e-platform
– State banquets will not be held in five-star hotels. The seminars, workshops will be in government buildings only.
– E-platform will be more and more used to reduce stationary and travel expenses.
– This rule also applies to the calendar, diary, personal letter, etc., the authority and other institutions on New Year or other occasions.


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