Uttarakhand government gives relief to Kashmiri students, will not have to submit fine in colleges

Kashmiri students

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Students will not have to submit fine in private universities and colleges, the state government gave instructions
Doon’s private institutions imposed penalties for absenting and not depositing fees on time

The state government has given great relief to Kashmiri students studying in Dehradun. After the intervention of the state government, now students will not have to deposit fine in private universities and colleges. This fine was imposed on Kashmiri students by private institutions in Doon for being absent and not depositing fees on time.

After the removal of Articles 370 and 35A from Jammu and Kashmir a few months ago, many restrictions were imposed there. Due to this, Kashmiri students studying in Doon could not reach their universities and colleges.

This led to their absence in institutions during the ban. At the same time, many students could not submit their fees on time. This was imposed on them by private educational institutions.

Students have been fined from two thousand to 10 thousand. The J&K Student Association protested against this and called for the cancellation of the fine. On the demand of the association, the state government has instructed all private universities and colleges not to collect fines from the students.

National spokesperson of the J&K Student Association Nasir Kuhyami said that many private universities and colleges had already removed the fines from the students. Now following the instruction of the state government, other colleges have also given relief to the students.


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