Uttarakhand: Four years of stagnation in the government schemes for flood protection works


The plans for flood protection works in Sitarganj and Khatima block, which are being counted in the flood-hit areas in Terai, are pending in the government.

According to the irrigation department in Sitarganj, from the Kailash river, Sidikul Industrial Park, Ukrauli, Nakulia, Khairana, Kaundhasaraf, Kaundharatan, Audali, Salmati, Chikaghat, Rosiyapur, Dohari, Pathriapharm, Salamata, for flood protection from Kailash river, In Shakti Pharm, flood protection works in villages like Bhaktinagar, Jayantnagar, Thakurnagar, Govindnagar, Nirmalnagar, Bagul embankment, Jhadi no. 9, Devnagar, flood security work is to be done for the flood of river Devah in Nanakmatta, Bichua, Kaman river to Dian, Gangi, Gidaur, etc. In the same way, all flood protection works including Khatima’s Parveen River, Devah river, including Khakra channel are to be done.

For this, the Department sent the Ganga flood control board to Patna and the state government with a proposal of about 17856.24 lakhs. Since 2016, this offer is in storage. The Department makes alternative measures to save these villages from floods every year. It ruins crores of rupees. There is one month remaining in the rainy season. There is still heavy silt in the Bagul river. In this case, people of the area are apprehensive of the possibility of a flood.

65 lakhs of river training work not paid
In the year 2018-19 last year, the irrigation department provided flood relief works on the Bagul and Dry rivers under river training policy in the area. About 65 lakh rupees was spent. This time, contractors have also refused to work on flood protection due to non-payment of funds from the river training. EE Subhash Chandra Ramola met DM Dr. Neeraj Khairwal for payment and also wrote a letter to Irrigation Secretary Bhupendra Kaur Aulakh.

Proposals for works of about 17,856.24 lakhs have been sent to Government and Ganga Flood Control Board since 2016. This work is pending due to non-acceptance. Due to which this year it will not be possible to have sufficient security arrangements before the rainy season.
– Subhash Chandra Ramola, EE Irrigation Block Sitarganj


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