Uttarakhand: Flaming fire with the rise of heat, so far damage to 40 hectares of forests

With the increase of heat, a fire has started to burn in the forests too. Since the fire season in Kumaon, about 40 hectares of forest has been damaged. Planting has also been affected by many hectares.

A fierce fire broke out in the woods of the far-flung Baburkhola in Ranikhet tehsil late on Sunday evening. The whole forest was in its grip. The fire started to reach the residential area, which the villagers barely managed to overcome. However, later the forest department team reached with the fire extinguisher. There is considerable damage to forest property by fire.

On the other hand, there was a fire in the forests of dozens of villages including Kaligaon, Jallikhani, including Attaria of Salt Block Kaligaon. BSNL’s OFC line was burnt by fire in the forest of Kaligaon, which has stopped functioning in all government offices in Salt on Monday. The fire from Sunday night is still not extinguished. Of course, forest guards of fire extinguishers have been dispatched.

A fire broke out in the woods on the rear of the guest house of the Public Works Department in Bhikiasen which has taken the wild form. The fire spread to the girls’ intermediate college from Padikot. There was a fire in the forest of the pine of Gudauli village of Kanalichina (Pithoragarh) block. The youths of the village were scorched by the fire moving towards the population. However, this fire did not cause much damage to forest property.

A fire in the jungles of Tarakuli, which is situated on the Nepal border in Champawat district, has affected nearly two hectares of forest. Forest Guard Chatur Singh told that the crew station team has left on the spot. Here, a fire took place in the jungles of other areas, including Ranibagh.

With input from Ranikhet / Maulekhal / Kanalichina / Champawat, so far in the state 70 incidents of fire.
According to departmental information, a total of 70 incidents of fire all over the state have already been reported. It has 32 cases in Garhwal and Kumaon and six incidents in the wildlife area. It has lost about 40 hectares of forest in Kumaon. Also, the area with about four-hectare plantation has also been affected.

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