Uttarakhand felt 3.1 earthquake tremors, no casualties reported


Earthquake tremors were felt at around 8:30 this morning in Uttarakhand. Its intensity in the Uttarkashi district was 3.1. Although there was no loss of life and property due to the earthquake, people came out of homes due to panic.

These shocks were also felt in areas around Uttarkashi. Uttarkashi District Disaster Management Officer said that earthquake shocks were minor.

A light intensity earthquake was felt on 25 April at Dharchula, Pithoragarh district. At 11.29 pm, people were out of the house as soon as the earthquake shock was felt. Although it was barely a one to two-second shock.

On April 21, light shocks were felt at 8.42 pm in Bageshwar. The disaster management officials said that the center of the earthquake was in Pithoragarh district and its intensity was 3.5. There was no harm due to the earthquake.


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