Uttarakhand: Drugs trade increases in the state, government forgets prohibition of alcohol


The post of liquor prohibition officer was not created after the formation of the state.
In undivided Uttar Pradesh, alcohol prohibition was an important wing of social welfare.

In Uttarakhand, the legal and illegal trade of drugs, which is hollowing out the younger generation, is a matter of great concern. From the Raj Bhavan to the High Court, he has expressed his concern over the increasing trend of intoxication.

The state government has also shown that it is very strict against drug abuse. But there is a big difference in the statements and actions of the governments that are ruling the state. This can be gauged from the fact that the liquor business flourished in the 20 years of state formation but the government forgot to prohibit alcohol.

From the time of undivided Uttar Pradesh, the provision of alcohol prohibition officers regarding awareness against drug abuse, the government could not create until the post of Uttarakhand formation. The posts that came to the social welfare department in the name of prohibition after the formation of the state, were eliminated one by one in the last two decades and today they are on the verge of disappearing the existence of this wing in the department.

While the government’s efforts to raise public awareness against the increasing trend of intoxication are being talked about, all of them could have been conducted through alcohol prohibition wing. But due to lack of officers, employees, and resources, serious efforts for public awareness could not be done even by wanting from the department.

However, the director of the department Vinod Giri Goswami said that despite not having the post of prohibition officer, the programs against drug abuse at the departmental level are being conducted through the Social Welfare Officer.

If there was a prohibition department…

If there was a prohibition department, then through the media, seminars, workshops and street plays, he would have made the citizens and youth aware of drug addiction. According to experts, the alcohol prohibition department used to play an important role in the public awareness campaign against drugs in Uttar Pradesh.

The post of the prohibition officer was not created. This wing was an important tool for social welfare. Work on alcohol prohibition will continue at the department level. Now the District Social Welfare Officer is doing this responsibility. The resources which are at the departmental level will be used for the prohibition of alcohol against drugs.
– Vinod Giri Goswami, Director, Social Welfare Department


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