Uttarakhand: domestic consumers shocked, electricity becomes expensive, your electricity bill will increase much

Electricity bills

Electricity bills of all categories of consumers, including households in Uttarakhand, have been increased from October 1. Uttarakhand Power Corporation has introduced new electricity rates. All consumers will have to bear an 8.99 percent increase overall due to an increase in electricity rates. The biggest burden will be on those who do this type of business including shops and hotels.

The Uttarakhand Electricity Regulatory Commission had issued the interim orders after hearing the petition of UPCL. In order of these orders, UPCL Managing Director BCK Mishra issued the orders. The corporation had demanded an 8.99 percent increase in the electricity rates of all categories on an average to bridge its deficit. With this increase, the corporation will earn an additional Rs 295 crore. The increased rates will be effective until 31 March 2020.

These are the new electricity rates

Category                                            Current rates                                   increase (paise per unit)
Domestic                                                     4.23                                                                        39
Home                                                           6.10                                                                        53
Government                                               5.45                                                                         47
LT Industry                                                5.76                                                                       53/50
HT Industry                                               5.79                                                                          50
Railway Traction –                                       49
Mix Load –                                                     49
BPL –                                                               22

Electricity rates have increased. The increased rates will be applicable from October 1. The information has also been given to all concerned parties in this regard.
-BCK Mishra, Managing Director, UPCL


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