Uttarakhand: Demanding Forest land from the Center had become risky, the Eco-Tourism Center felt the shock

The demand for forest land for eco-tourism centre has been a risk. The Union Forest and Environment Ministry has not accepted the proposal of forest land for this scheme of the state, rather it has sought the overall eco-tourism plan from the state. The state’s eco-tourism plan is non-forestry work and hence the proposal of forest land was sent to the centre.

The Eco-Tourism Development Corporation wants to construct hut etc. for eco-tourism near the Siddhi Khal of Lansdown Forest Division in the state and near Rasiyabad Rest House in Haridwar forest division in Sainj. Similarly, under the Haridwar Forest Division, there is a plan to develop Bal Vatika. This is non-forestry work. In this case, eco-tourism development corporation had sought the forest land from the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change for the schemes.

Send a letter to forest land transfer in Nodal office
Now, these planners have been shocked. The Union Ministry has sent a letter to the forest land transfer in the state’s nodal office. This paper has sought the overall plan for eco-tourism. Now the state government will have to send the plan to the Union Ministry, which will be approved by the Ministry. After this, further action will be taken on the eco-tourism proposal.

The first plan to develop five ecotourism circuits in the state remains. It will be sent to the Central Government. After this, the process of forest land transfer will be completed. Other work related to developing ecotourism, including creating temporary flats, will be done in the respective places.
– Anoop Malik, APCCF Forest Land Transfer, and Director Eco-Tourism Development Corporation

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