Uttarakhand Congress will petition against the government’s policies


The Congress will launch the ‘Uttarakhand Bachao Dev Yachna’ movement against all the anti-people policies of the state and central government. Former Cabinet Minister Prasad Naithani said that Congress workers would complain to the BJP about the gods from writing letters to the PM in the five-phase agitation.

In Congress Bhavan, Minister Prasad Naithani spoke to journalists against the policies of the state government. He announced the agitation from February 5, opening a front against the government on 28 issues of the state. It is said that the Central and State Governments have filled dissatisfaction and anger among the people by implementing all the anti-people laws.

Naithani also accused the government of crushing the movements. Said that women are not safe in the state. Unemployment is increasing. Government employees are not being heard. Congress will complain against this by writing a letter to the Central Government and visiting various Dev places in the state. State President Rajkumar, Metropolitan President Lalchand Sharma, Prabhulal Bahuguna, Surendra Rangad, and others were present in the press conference.

Congress will raise these major topics

Land Ordinance Amendment Bill 2019, Devasthanam Act, NCC Training Academy, Shrikot Malda, protest against transfer from Tehri Garhwal, increase in fees in medical colleges, demands of Anganwadi workers, suppression of food mothers and Asha workers, removal of education workers and 108 service personnel. 28 issues including an increase in taxes of electricity and drinking water, closure of ITI training institutes across the state. Congress is going to lift it.

There will be movement in five stages

In the first phase, a memorandum will be submitted to the Prime Minister to Union Ministers in Delhi from February 5 to February 10.

In the second phase, from the Rampur Tiraha Shaheed Sthal on February 15, the Deva Yatna Yatra in the temples of the gods of justice of the 13 districts of the entire state from February 28, which will be concluded on 28 February at the martyr’s place Khatima.

Lockout in the Legislative Assembly in the third phase of budget session in case of no action.

Lockout in the secretariat in the fourth phase.

‘Jawab Do Sarkar’ Pad Yatra, ‘answer us, government’ walking protest, from 15th August in the fifth phase. The yatra starts from Narayan Ashram of Pithoragarh and will travel to 13 districts and end at Gangotri.

There will be a struggle for ownership: Rajkumar

Rajkumar, former MLA and president of the state Congress SC-ST cell, said that there will be a massive struggle to get the slums owned. He said that a law was made for the ownership of the Congress government, but the present government is not implementing it.

The newly appointed State Congress SC-ST cell president met Rajkumar at his residence in Sanjay Colony. During this, Rajkumar said that works will be done for the upliftment of people from all sections of the society and a strategy will be prepared for this. He said that the struggle will be made to make the state in accordance with the dreams of the martyrs.

Rajkumar said that during the Congress government’s time all the works of scheduled caste people were stopped by the present government, which is worrying. The government will be surrounded by all those actions.

NSUI appointed college and city president

The National Students Organization of India (NSUI) has entrusted the responsibility of the president to three students associated with the organization. The appointments of Doiwala Municipal President, Vis President, and Unit President were made at Doiwala Degree College. The student president’s district president Saurabh Mamgain issued a statement saying that Arif Ali has been entrusted with the responsibility of NSUI Doiwala Municipal President. Martyr Durgamall Government College, Doiwala College, Rohan has been made the unit president. Apart from this, Sawan Rathore was given the responsibility of Speaker of Doiwala Assembly.


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