Uttarakhand: Congress protests over liquor price and traveling expensiveness, protests taking place


In Uttarakhand, Congress has decided to strongly oppose the reduction of alcohol prices by 20 percent. After 26 February, Congress will decide the strategy of protest. Congress will raise this issue in the proposed budget session in Garsain.

At the same time, Congress workers protested in several areas of the state, including Dehradun, Pithoragarh, and Haldwani, for expensive travel and cheap liquor in the state. Congress workers burnt the effigy of the state government. Congress workers burnt effigies of the state government at Ashley hall in Dehradun. In Pithoragarh, the activists demonstrated in the collectorate, expressing their anger against this decision of the state government. Workers blew up the Uttarakhand government at Buddha Park in Haldwani.

At the same time, from the Devasthanam Act to the reservation, Congress, which was entangled with reservation in promotion, has now got another issue sitting. The alcohol prohibition movement is very old in the state. In such a situation, the Congress has made a strategy to surround the BJP by making the basis of promoting alcohol to reduce the price. Congress is currently engaged in a campaign calling to strengthen the party organization in the state and to establish its presence as an opposition.

According to Congress state vice-president Suryakant Dhasmana, there is a Vikas Khojho Padyatra in Haldwani on 26 February. After this, Congress will take up the matter of making alcohol affordable, the House will also seek a reply from the government.

Cheap liquor, expensive oil
Congress state vice-president Suryakant Dhasmana gave the slogan, “Cheap liquor, expensive oil …”. In a press statement, Dhasmana said that on one hand the prices of vegetables, pulses, petrol, and diesel are increasing and on the other side the government is making alcohol cheaper. The goal of the department has also been increased. The department will open new shops to meet the target. Will adopt an aggressive strategy to increase liquor sales. This will increase the circulation of alcohol.

Question was raised on excise policy

Congress had also raised the issue of excise policy in the leaflet issued against the state government. The Congress says that in the 2017 assembly elections, the BJP gradually announced to reduce alcohol. The Congress had alleged that mobile vans were being used to sell liquor from house to house. Liquor is being sold at all shops at over rates, and shops are also being opened in restricted areas.

Congress said poisonous liquor, the government said- investigation done
Congress’s government was also attacked in the case of the death of people from fake liquor first in Roorkee and after that in Dehradun. The issue of poisonous liquor was also raised by Congress in the House at that time. Congress’s protest strategy was easily counterattacked by the government’s investigation and declaring not to spare the culprits.


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