Uttarakhand cabinet meeting: Registered artists will get financial assistance of one thousand rupees

The tourism industry

Artists will get one-time support amount through District Magistrate
2.43 lakh people associated with the tourism industry will also get financial assistance

The tourism industry has come to a complete standstill due to the Corona epidemic. One time financial assistance of one thousand rupees will be provided to the people associated with the tourism industry by the state government. In this, financial assistance will be given to 6675 artists registered in the Culture Department through the District Magistrates. At the same time, the tourism department has abolished the registration and renewal fee for one year.

According to the order issued by Tourism Secretary Dilip Javalkar, the government has decided to provide relief to the people associated with the tourism business, directly and indirectly, due to the Corona epidemic.

He informed that on the basis of the survey conducted through the District Magistrates, 2.43 lakh people associated with the tourism industry will be given financial assistance of Rs 1000 each. The interest taken on the loan taken under the Home Stay Scheme was relaxed for three months from April to June 2020. Artists registered in the Sanskrit department will also be given an assistance of Rs. 1000.

The government reduced the lease rent of the pillars by 50 to 80 percent

The lease rent of electric poles in the state will be reduced by 50 to 80 percent. The state cabinet meeting approved the proposal to reduce the fare. This decision of the government will provide great relief to cable operators and mobile companies.

The Department of Information and Science Technology had proposed this before the cabinet. Under the Uttarakhand Road Right Policy-2018, there was a provision earlier that the lease rent of the pillars in the urban area would be charged Rs 500 per pillar annually. Similarly, in rural areas, this fare was Rs 100 per pillar. Uttarakhand Power Corporation is charging the same fare in lieu of wires with the help of its electric poles.

During the last few months, the Department of Energy had also pressurized the cable operators regarding the fare recovery. But due to the high rent, cable operators raised their hands. The IT department proposed to reduce the rent before the cabinet. The cabinet approved the proposal.

According to the approval given in the policy, per pillar rent will be charged Rs 100 instead of Rs 500 in an urban area. That is, the fare has been reduced by 80 percent. Similarly, in rural areas, Rs. 50 will be charged instead of Rs. 100. That means a 50 percent reduction has been made. The reduction in fares will encourage mobile companies to lay network lines through the poles in the hill areas. Also, cable operators will also be able to pay rent.


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