Uttarakhand: Budget session will be held in Garsain from March 3, know other decisions of the cabinet

The meeting of Uttarakhand Pradesh cabinet concluded on Wednesday. The meeting stamped on the proposal to hold the budget session of the assembly from March 3 to March 6 in Garsain. Giving information, government spokesperson Madan Kaushik said that 10 of the 13 proposals placed in the cabinet have been approved. At the same time, three proposals will be discussed in the next meeting.

Other cabinet decisions:
– Approval of 78 posts in the Dehradun-Mussoorie Development Authority.
– Partial amendment to Legal Services Authority
– Amendment in Uttarakhand Free Compulsory Child Education Rights Rules.
– The stamp on offer in case of failure in classes 5 and 8.
– Sub-committee of the cabinet was constituted to study the State University School 2020.
– The Uttar Pradesh State Higher Education Council Act 1995 was partially amended. Instead of Uttar Pradesh, it has now been renamed Uttarakhand State Higher Education Council Act 1995.
– The higher education minister will be chairman of the higher education council
– Case of HMT factory closed in Nainital. The land was returned to the departments on whose land the company was formed. The state government will buy the remaining land for 72 crores.
– On private lease mining, DM gets the right to approve mining in place of government
– The cabinet proposal regarding Eco-Sensitive Zone in Corbett Tiger Reserve will be discussed in the next meeting.

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