Uttarakhand Board Exam 2020: Sector Magistrates will be responsible if cheating caught at the examination centers

board exam

Secretary issued necessary arrangements for centers for board exams

The department has taken the necessary steps to prevent cheating in high school and inter-board examinations starting in Uttarakhand on March 2. There is a ban on carrying mobiles in the center premises. In the directive issued by the government, it is said that if a copy is taken from outside in any center, then the sector magistrate will be responsible for it.

In a directive issued by Education Secretary R Meenakshi Sundaram, it has been said that the examination centers in the district should be divided into sectors and the deployment of sector magistrate, which will compulsorily inspect the centers in both shift examinations each day. If a center has the possibility or information of mass cheating, the center will be replaced.

This is the whole program
This year, a total of two lakh 71 thousand 415 students will appear in the board examination in high school-intermediate. 1324 examination centers have been set up across the state for the examination. Intermediate from March 2 and high school board examinations from March 3 will begin simultaneously and end on March 25.

Board Secretary Dr. Neeta Tiwari informed that 150289 candidates will be included in the high school this time. There will be 77263 boy students and 73026 girl students. There will be a total of 121126 candidates in the intermediate. These will have 59165 boy students and 61961 girl students. Last year, there were a total of 274781 candidates in high school-intermediate. There are 3366 fewer candidates this time than last time.


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