Uttarakhand: BJP’s new state president, senior legislator Banshidhar Bhagat, read his political journey

BJP State President - Banshidhar Bhagat

Senior MLA Banshidhar Bhagat has become the state president of the BJP. On 17/4/2020 elections were held in the state party office, in which Banshidhar Bhagat was elected the new BJP state president of Uttarakhand. His name was announced by Union Minister of State Arjun Ram Meghwal, a central observer for the election. After which there was a lot of sloganeering in support of Banshidhar Bhagat. Former state president Ajay Bhatt welcomed him.

Union Minister of State Arjun Ram Meghwal handed over the certificate to the new President Bansidhar Bhagat in the BJP State Office. Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat was also present. There was a crowd of supporters outside the office. At the same time, in Haldwani, the workers also lit a lot of fireworks.

Senior MLA Banshidhar Bhagat’s name was leading in heated discussions in the political circles of the party. Regional and ethnic equations were considered in favor of Bhagat. Meanwhile, the name of Kailash Sharma, brother of former state president Puran Chand Sharma, also suddenly came up in the discussion.

Till now the state president

Puran Chand Sharma – 2000 to 2002
Manohar Kant Dhyani – 2002 to 2003
Bhagat Singh Kosari – 2003 to 2007
Bachhi Singh Rawat – 2007 to 2009
Bishan Singh Chufal – 2009 to 2013
Tirath Singh Rawat – 2013 to 2015
Ajay Bhatt – 2015 to 2020

Celebration in the workers after the coronation
He left for Dehradun late Wednesday in the midst of the news of the coronation of the post of Kaladhungi MLA Banshidhar Bhagat. Earlier, he was expected to be crowned.

On Wednesday, activists in Kaladhungi assembly constituency expressed happiness over the announcement of MLA Bhagat being made state president and raised slogans in favor of MLA.

Now after his coronation, there is an atmosphere of celebration among the workers. He says that MLA Bhagat is a senior party leader and has a good understanding of the party organization. After making him the state president, the party will become stronger under his leadership.

Life introduction
Name: Banshidhar Bhagat
Birth: 08 August 1951 (Bhakuda-Bhimtal)
Residence: Lohriatal, Haldwani
Education: High School

Political journey

– Joined the National Self-Service Association in 1970
– Member of Jan Sangh in 1975
– Nainital’s BJP in 1989
– Becomes District President of Udham Singh Nagar
– MLA from Nainital for the first time in 1991
– Minister of State for Forests in UP in 1993
– Minister of Food, Logistics and Hill Development in 1996
– Cabinet Minister in the Interim Government of Uttarakhand in 2000
-2007 cabinet minister
– MLAs in 2012 and 2017


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