Uttarakhand behind the three Himalayan states in the corona investigation

corona investigation

The neighboring state is conducting 264 tests against 119 per lakh

Uttarakhand, with limited resources, has achieved many good results in the ongoing war against the COVID-19 epidemic. But it has lagged behind the neighboring state of Himachal in investigating the corona infection. Not only from Himachal, but its performance also seems to be weak compared to the three Himalayan states.

A comparative study of the data of the Corona investigation revealed the fact that in Uttarakhand 119 tests are being done per lakh people, while in Himachal this figure is 264. The interesting fact is that four laboratories have been recognized in the state of Himachal for the investigation of corona infection. These include CRI Kasauli, IGMC Shimla, RPMC Tanda, LBS Medical College Nerchauk Mandi.

In Uttarakhand, tests are being conducted in five laboratories along with a private lab. These include Doon Medical College Hospital, Haldwani Medical College, Srinagar Medical College, and AIIMS Rishikesh. But the investigation of samples is not as fast as in the three Himalayan states of Jammu and Kashmir, Tripura and Himachal.

Anoop Nautiyal, founder of Social Development for Communities, who is constantly analyzing the data related to COVID-19, says that since the formation of the state, state policy governors present Himachal as an ideal model. Even in the case of Corona Testing, the neighboring state has a precedent in them. The slow pace of testing in Uttarakhand, despite similar circumstances, is a matter of concern. The government will have to pay serious attention to this. According to Nautiyal, the state has performed well so far in the fight against Corona. Now the need is to increase testing. For this, some more labs can be approved from the center.

Test speed in the mountains is very slow

The mountains which have been safe from Corona since the return of the migrants are now in crisis. Therefore, the testing of people coming from outside should increase. But according to the data of the testing, and the total test done so far, the nine districts of the mountain share is around eight percent. The average of corona testing per day is 180 in the nine mountainous districts.

Comparative Description of Corona Test in the Himalayan States
State Population Test Per Lakh Test Percentage
Uttarakhand 1.00 11908 119 100
Himachal 0.69 18224 264 222
J&K 1.22 88601 726 610
Tripura 0.37 14,286 386 324
Note: Population as per 2011 census (in crore)

Analysis of Uttarakhand mountain
District                     Test            Cases
Uttarkashi                 323              02
Almora                     148              02
Pauri                        121              03
Champawat              103              00
Rudraprayag              74              00
Chamoli                    60               01
Bageshwar                53               02
Tehri                        48               00
Note: 180 samples per day in nine hilly districts
Till Tuesday, 1011 (8%) of the 12346 Tests from hilly districts


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