Uttarakhand assembly budget session

Special Guests

Congress MLAs walk out of the House, sit on dharna

On the second day of the Assembly Budget session, the opposition put pressure in the House on the issue of toxic liquor. After which the speaker allowed the discussion to adjourn the question hour on which the opposition demanded discussion in rule 310. After which it was discussed.

The leader of the Opposition Indira Hradayesh, Pritam Singh, Mamta Rakesh, Govind Kunjwal, Karan Mahra and Harish Dhami asked for the resignation of the government during the discussion. At the same time, the Opposition MLAs demanded resignation from Excise Minister on the basis of ethics. At the same time, the issue of discussion in the social media of officials in the Dehradun Assembly was raised. Meanwhile, the Minister of Employment announced that during the budget session only the government will bring a proposal for amendment to the Excise Act. Strict law will be made against illegal liquor. On this, the upset Opposition started chaos in the House. The Congress MLA came to Well and waving planks, demanded Excise Minister’s resignation. After this the speaker announced the formation of the committee on the whole case, who will go on the spot and look at the whole situation and present his report in the House. He instructed the state government to formulate long term policy. After this the opposition legislators boycotted the House and sat on strike.
Due to the budget session, section 144 has been imposed in the assembly and its 300 meters perimeter. No person shall be allowed to enter the restricted area with the licensed weapons, sticks, hockey, sword or sharp weapon. Additional District Magistrate Arvind Pandey told that during the assembly session, the promotion of any kind of slogan, using loudspeakers, writing slogans on government buildings, provoking communal sentiment, giving provocative speeches, promoting any kind of illusory literature is prohibited.

Action will be taken against them as per rules. Apart from this, the gathering of more than five people in and around the assembly is prohibited. Around the assembly, buses, tractor trolleys or any four-wheeler vehicles have been banned from being assembled for a procession. On the first day of the assembly session, the House was only for 10 minutes. After the lunch break the speaker read the Governor’s address and resolution proposals in the absence of the opposition. After this, the House adjourned the house till 11 o’clock on Tuesday morning. After lunch on Monday, the session began with Vande Mataram song at 3 o’clock.

In the absence of the opposition, Speaker Prem Chand Agarwal read the Governor’s address. Subsequently, presented the resolutions in the House. In this, MLA Deshraj Karnwal, Haji Furqan Ahmad, under the law 105, MLA Deshraj Karnwal, Pritam Singh Panwar, under rule-54, the proposals of Deshraj Karnwal, Shakti Lal Shah, Bharat Singh Chaudhary were placed on the table. After just 10 minutes of the running House, the speaker adjourned the House till Tuesday morning. During…
Strict security for PM Modi’s march on 14, SPG camped in Rudrapur

On Monday, the Special Protection Group (SPG) team reached Rudrapur to make arrangements for the proposed rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Modi Maidan, located on the Kichha Road. The team inspected the venue of the program.

The team, which reached Rudrapur under the leadership of Assistant Inspector General of SPG, held a meeting with DM Dr. Neeraj Khairwal, SSP Barinderjit Singh and other officials in the 31st Corps PAC on Monday morning. After this the team inspected the Modi Maidan. During this time SPG team received information from the officials about the program route along with the construction of platform, barricading, etc. at the venue. The area around the venue of the program was also inspected by SPG.

With the team of the district administration, the Local Inspection Unit and Intelligence Officers also remained with the SPG. On Monday, the work of construction of platform and barricading at the venue also started. Police verification of contractors and all workers engaged in construction work is being done. Police and PAC have also been deployed in the field and surrounding areas for security arrangements. Bomb and Dog Squad also took stock of safety by reaching the ground.

Zero Zone will be declared half an hour before the arrival of PM
For the proposed rally of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 14 in the Modi Maidan located on Kichha Road, the administration has marked the site for parking vehicles that would come that day and traffic route for the day.

Half an hour before the Prime Minister reaches the program venue, the 31st Corps PAC will declare a Zero Zone from the helipad to the venue. Buses coming from Haldwani will be taken out through the DD Chowk two hours before and will be parked at the BHEL ground at Kichha Road. Buses coming from Kashipur and Rampur will run through Indira Chowk to FSL Road and be parked in this ground. Buses coming from Kichha will also be parked at this location.

Parking for two-wheelers and small four-wheeler vehicles from any route can be parked on the Anchal Pashu Aahaar Office ground on the Kichha road. Vehicles will be sent to Bagwada Mandi and Shukla Farm if these parking places are full. VIP vehicle will stand in empty plots ahead of the venue from Gangapur Road. Any bus coming from Sidkul cannot enter the city from 12 noon to 5.00 pm. To reach the city, buses will have to enter the city from Kashipur and Gadarpur road, by getting through the Bhurarani, and oil mill in Dineshpur turn. Police has also arranged slide barriers on both side the roads and on main areas from Helipad to the venue.

District President Shiv Arora said that the PM will launch a 3600 crores scheme of Cooperative Department. During this period, he will also distribute loan cheques to five farmers. He described this tour of PM as the conch shell of Lok Sabha election in Uttarakhand.

In a press conference in a hotel on Monday, the District President told that in the program, Union Cooperative Minister Thawar Chand Gehlot, Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan, Shyam Jaju, National Secretary Teerath Rawat, CM Trivendra Singh Rawat, all former CMs of the party, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members BJP and RSS leaders will also be included. He said that cooperative development scheme is being run on behalf of the cooperative department. In this scheme, loans ranging from one to five lakh rupees are being given to small and marginal farmers and women groups. Arora hoped that more than one lakh people will join the great rally.


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