Uttarakhand All-weather Road Project: Cost and time to rise

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The cost of the project may increase to 500 crores if the work did not catch pace

The Chardham All-weather Road project is not catching up due to different reasons. This plan of Rs 11700 crore was targeted to be completed by 2019. But, the way its speed is being affected, the project is not only expected to be completed on time, but its cost is also likely to increase.

The executing agencies estimate that the cost of the project may increase from 450 to 500 crores according to the current conditions. Work has not yet started in the periphery of the Bhagirathi Eco-Sensitive Zone under this 889 km project. In the areas where work has started, work is getting affected due to the monsoon or travel season sometimes.

There are 12 bypasses approved under the project, but many of these bypasses are hanging due to opposition from local people and other reasons.

Work has not started on some packages
The Public Works Department of the state has been made the 434.39 km working agency of the project. Lonivi has 26 civil works, out of which 21 works are going on at different levels. Official sources believe that the project will not be completed on its stated target, as work on some packages has not even started.

Even if there is no major obstacle in the way of this whole project, it is expected to be completed only by 2021-22. If obstacles remain, then the project will take longer to complete. However, at the level of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the State Government, there are constant reviews going on regarding the speed of the project.

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