Uttarakhand: All self-employment schemes will be linked to the Chief Minister’s Self-Employment Scheme – Trivendra Singh Rawat

self-employment schemes

Chief Minister gave instructions, permission to change land use will be given in 15 days

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has given instructions to link all the ongoing self-employment schemes in the state with the Chief Minister Self-Employment Scheme. Change of land use for self-employment is to be done within 15 days. Priority will be given to the unemployed under the self-employment scheme.

The Chief Minister reviewed the Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojana and Solar and Pirul Projects with the District Magistrates through video conferencing at the Secretariat on Friday. The Chief Minister said that priority should be given to the truly needy and unemployed under Mukhyamantri Swarozgar Yojana. The necessary processes of Solar and Pirul Project should be completed on time.

Information of all self-employment schemes should be uploaded on the Hope portal. By coming on a platform, people will get information about these schemes and will be able to take advantage of it. The Chief Minister said that farmers should be assured to sell their products, for this, work should be done on arrangements for sale of their products. The video conferencing was attended by Chief Minister’s IT Advisor Ravindra Dutt, Media Advisor Ramesh Bhatt, Secretary L Fanai, Amit Negi, R Meenakshi Sundaram, Director Udyog Sudhir Nautiyal and other officials and District Magistrates.

Raised one rupee after collecting Pirul

The Chief Minister said that at present, one rupee per kg is given by the Forest Department and one and a half rupees per kg to the Self Help Groups on Pirul aggregation in the Pirul Project. The state government will also give an additional amount of Rs. 1 per kg i.e. Rs. 100 per quintal. Now those who collect Pirul will get three and a half hundred rupees per quintal.

Trading business also joins self-employment scheme

Additional Chief Secretary Manisha Panwar said that along with manufacturing and service sector, trading has also been taken under Mukhyamantri Swarozgar Yojana. Model projects have been uploaded on the scheme’s website. Secretary Radhika Jha said that so far 283 projects have been allocated in Solar, which will generate 203 MW power and will invest Rs 800 crore. Pirul has also been allocated 38 projects.

Two self-employed motivators in each district

The Chief Minister said that two self-employed motivators will be deployed in each district. He will work in the district like a CM Fellow in the Secretariat. He said that applicants should give all the information to make the project. There should also be provision for offline application. DM set up some model projects in every district. Co-ordination with banks should be done and the problems faced in the loan process should be resolved immediately.

Trying to connect one lakh people with self-employment

Through the State Integrated Cooperative Development Project, the government is now trying to connect one lakh people with self-employment in the state. This is also expected from the pilot projects started under the project. Cooperative Minister Dhan Singh also spoke to the concerned parties of the project on Friday in the assembly. Project managing director Anand Shukla said that the project has been conceptualized.

Under this, various projects of silage (green fodder) production, apple, lemongrass and floriculture, rose cultivation, ginger and dairy have been started. Now the results of these are also coming out. Shailesh Panwar Director Hark, Divya Rawat Director Mushroom Production Institute, Vishal Sethi Devbhoomi Silage, Ratan Aswal Convenor Hill Livelihood Upgradation, Sharad Sundriyal CEO Dev Rishi Society, Vipin Panuli, Anil Pasbola, etc. are involved in this project.

It is our effort that at least one lakh people are connected with self-employment through these projects. It has been clearly stated that there is no shortage of money for the project, more and more consideration is required.
– Dhan Singh Rawat, Cooperative Minister

Employment will arise from them

Silage production: The demand of the state is about 12 thousand metric tons. By next year, this production will be about 20 thousand metric tons.

Ginger: This scheme has been implemented in Champawat. Prepared one thousand quintal seeds in 100 acres. With this, the target of producing 48 thousand metric tons by adding seven thousand farmers.
Apple: Turnover up to Rs 100 crore. 12500 farmers will join. Uttarakhand will have its own brand. Right now the apple is going in Himachal’s boxes.
Rose: Will be cultivated in Almora on 500 hectares. The pride will grow under the name of Rose Valley. This will add about two thousand growers. Tourism will also be developed. Damask Rose will be produced here.
Lemongrass: It was used in Gandikhata. Farmers produced over 70 acres. About 113 farmers are associated with it.

Note: Some other sectors including dairy, mushroom and other sectors have also been included in this project.

Coca-Cola will give CSR fund for nursery

There is good news for apple growers of the state. Coca-Cola is willing to pay Rs 1 lakh per unit nursery. There are 250 plants in a unit. The company will pay for ten thousand units

An interest-free loan of three lakhs to farmers

According to Cooperative Minister Dhan Singh Rawat, interest-free loans of up to one and five lakh are being given to farmers right now. Now such a loan of three lakh rupees will also be given.


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