Uttarakhand: A youth man had misbehaved with a teenager in Rudrapur, suppressed her voice by increasing TV volume

In Uttarakhand’s Rudrapur, there is a case of misbehaving with a teenager by a young man. It is alleged that the young man living in the Sidkul Chowki area molested the teenager who lived in the neighborhood and abused her. On the Tahrir of the teenager’s family, the police arrested the accused and sent him to jail.

The relatives of the victims living in the Sidkul Chowki area in Tahrir said that the teenage girl (15 years) was playing outside the house on Thursday evening. Meanwhile, Rama Shankar, who worked as a bricklayer by staying in the neighborhood, molested the teenager and took her to his room and abused her.

Ramashankar raised the volume of the TV over the scream of the teenager. After reaching home at night, the child told the whole incident to the family. On this, the families handed the Tahrir to the police against the accused. Sidkul Chauki Incharge KG Mathpal told that the accused Rama Shankar is arrested from his house and sent to jail.

Gang rape on gunpoint
At the same time, the case of Mangalore gang rape on gunpoint came to light. The incident took place last year, but the victim took the case to the court when the action was not taken by the police. Now on the court’s order, a case has been registered in Kotwali police against two accused including the relatives of the victim and started searching for them.

A young woman from the town had given an application to the court and told that her maternal uncle had come home last year. Making an excuse for aunt’s bad health, he took her with him. It is alleged that he did not take the woman to his house and took her to another person’s house in another village. There, on a gunpoint, both of them repeatedly molested the young woman for two days. The accused also made her inappropriate video. Her uncle threatened her of disclosing the video and took her to his house. Here the young woman told the full story to her aunt. Later, the girl gave Tahrir to the police but even after the allegations, the police did not take any action. After that, she went to the court’s shelter. On the request of the woman, the court has ordered the Mangalore Police to file a lawsuit. Kotwali charge inspector Pradeep Chauhan says that the case is being investigated and the accused are being searched. Read more posts…

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