Uttarakhand: A new twist in the order related to big moustaches in the 46th Corps PAC

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There is a new twist in the case of banning the large mustache in the 46th Corps PAC. In which the order has been issued from the Corps according to the Commander, but in his place, the order is signed by the Subordinate Major (SM), whom he had given a verbal order. Meanwhile, for the issue of keeping big moustache, an enquiry has been made on Subordinate Major. If the answer is not satisfactory, the order for investigation will be issued against him.

On Thursday, an order was issued by the 46th Corps PAC commander to ban big moustache of jawans deployed in PAC. Sensation spread in PAC and Police Department as soon as the order became viral on social media. However, in the case Commander Sukhvir Singh had said that a commander of the Corps was instructed to give a verbal order to the jawans, the written order was not issued. In the investigations of the Commander, it was found that the verbal order was issued by the Subordinate Commander of the corps, Major Rajendra Singh Negi, issued the order after his signature.

Permission for the beard is necessary, not for moustache
In the Force, personnel or officers have to take departmental permission for keeping a beard, but there is no provision to take permission for moustache and there is no restriction on this. Even after this, the orders of restricting big moustache in the 46th Corps PAC were discussed in the entire Police Department. Although Commander Sukhvir Singh says that he had asked for keeping the moustache according to the standard.

In UP, allowance for the maintenance of moustache is provided
On one hand, the order of ban on big moustache in the 46th Corps PAC spread sensation throughout the police head, while in UP, police personnel, PAC personnel are given special allowance for the maintenance of moustache. In the ’70s, the allowance amount was increased from Rs 50 to 250 rupees.

A Jawan was suspended four months prior, for his absence. On Wednesday, the Jawan appeared in the corps and during this time, after seeing his strange moustache, the Sub Major (SM) Rajendra had been asked to give an order to keep the moustache according to the standard, but SM had written the order and has put his signature on it. SM has been summoned to investigate this negligence. After further investigation, further action will be taken.
– Sukhvir Singh, Commander, 46th Corps PAC


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