Uttarakhand: A new dawn for industries in the Doon Valley, industries will be without hassle


Center approves change in 1989 Doon Valley notification, now industries will be in the white category too

According to the entrepreneurs, there is a new dawn for industries in Doon Valley. This is new dawn due to changes in Doon Valley notifications applicable to industries after nearly thirty years. Here, in addition to red, orange and green squares, industries will also be established in white squares. The special thing is that the industries engaged in the white category will have open leeway to increase business and they will not have to take any other NOC including the environment.

In the Doon Valley notification, the central government made this change on January 6. On Tuesday, when the industry got its clue, the whole atmosphere changed. According to the entrepreneurs, the Doon Valley notification was issued only in 1989 for the Dehradun Valley and it had various restrictions on environmental protection.

For example, there were more than 100 employees in the factory, then the industry moved out of the green class and joined the orange class. Restrictions in the orange category were even more stringent. The Central Government has abolished this standard of classification and added a new white square. The state government, as well as entrepreneurs, will feel relieved by this change. The state government had sent the proposal for change twice to the central government.

400 industries directly benefit

36 types of industries can be included in the white category. These mainly include packaging, solar energy (less than 25 MW), electrical and electronic equipment, organic fertilizers and pesticides, packing of powdered milk, bulb, and CFL manufacturing, packaging of tea, and assembly of air coolers, etc.

These industries were earlier included in the green category and had to take NOC from the Environment and Pollution Control Board every year. According to the entrepreneurs, there are about 400 such industries in the Doon Valley itself, which will directly benefit them.

What changes
– There were only three classes in Doon Valley notifications. Red, Orange, and Green. Now there will be four sections. White is also added to it.
– Industries with a maximum 100 personnel were green, industries with a maximum of 500 personnel were in orange and industries with more than 500 personnel were in the red category. – Now this classification will not be done on the basis of the number of employees.

What will be the effect

According to industries, factories were not able to expand production due to Doon Valley notifications. This caused many industries to flee. Likewise, it was thought many times before the industry was established. Now this will not be a problem in the case of 36 types of industries. Along with their money, the time taken to complete various formalities will also be saved.

It was being demanded for a long time. The Doon Valley notification is of 1989. There were only three sections in it. Now with the coming of another category, many green category industries will fall into this new category. The biggest thing is that the gap between Dehradun and other parts of the country has ended. This has also happened due to the change in the classification of industries in the notification issued from the Center level for industries.
– Pankaj Gupta, President Industries Association of Uttarakhand

This is like a new dawn for entrepreneurs. Retail traders will benefit the most from it. Many non-polluting industries in Dehradun are unable to do so just because of the Doon Valley notification. Even if there were industries in the green category, they had to obtain several objection certificates every year. Now the youth who started production with small capital will be able to start work without any hassle.
– Anil Goyal, State President, Provincial Industries and Trade Board


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