Uttarakhand: 85 PCS officers not giving details of property notice

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Personnel and Vigilance Department gave instructions to give details of property in a week

A notice has been issued to 85 PCS officers of the state government for not giving details of the property. All these officers had to give the property details by October 15. However, the officials did not provide details.

The state government has made mandatory provision of property details for all public servants. For this, there is also a facility to submit details online. The rule is also that the details of economic assets should be made public.

Despite this, many officials are not making public the details of the property. Property details are not being made available to the state government on their behalf. Now the government has taken a tough stand on this. Of the 156 PCS officers of the state, 85 did not provide details of the property even after the last date has passed.

All these PCS officers have been issued notice by Secretary-in-Charge (Personnel and Vigilance) Bhupal Singh Manral. All these officers have been directed to give details of the property within a week.

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