Uttarakhand: 40 lakh golden cardholders get the facility of free treatment outside the state

Golden Cardholders

All Ayushman cards related to National Portability, approved by the National Health Authority

About 40 lakh Golden Cardholders of Uttarakhand Atal Ayushman Yojana have got the facility of treatment outside the state. All Ayushman Golden Cards have been linked to National Portability. At the same time, the National Health Authority has also approved treatment in a hospital registered under the scheme outside the state.

There are two types of golden cards in the Atal Ayushman Yojana in the state. There are 5.37 lakh families in the Central Atal Ayushman Yojana. The State Government had extended the scope of the scheme to all 23 lakh families of the state, providing free treatment facility up to five lakhs under the scheme. There were about 40 lakh golden cardholders in this, who were given treatment facilities only within the state.

Can be treated in a private hospital

While 5.37 lakh cardholders could get treatment in any registered private hospital in the country. The state government has linked all golden cardholders with national portability. Due to which now the Golden Cardholders can now get treatment from outside the state.

40 lakh golden cardholders of the state can now get treatment in registered hospitals outside the state by joining the National Portability. But the limit of spending on treatment will remain five lakh. With this effort, Golden cardholders will get treatment for serious diseases in big private hospitals of other states.
-DK Kotia, President, State Health Authority


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