Uttarakhand: 24 thousand posts of government departments remain vacant in employment year, CM surprised

employment year

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CM appoints class of officers, fixes responsibility of departmental secretaries on the sluggish recruitment process
The recruitment process will be reviewed every 10 days, Secretary personnel will report, action will be taken against the officials on the delay in recruitment.

The sluggish pace of filling 24 thousand vacant government posts in the employment year has forced the Chief Minister to take charge on his own. After almost half a year, the recruitment process was not speeding up. On Friday, the CM took a class of secretaries and instructed to provide the progress report of the recruitment process to the secretary personnel every 10 days. At the same time, strict action will be taken against the officials of the departments concerned about delaying the recruitment process.

On Friday, the Chief Minister reviewed the progress of the recruitment process for the vacant posts with secretaries and officers of the recruitment commissions. The recruitment process did not progress despite the government directing departments in the past. On this, CM expressed his displeasure and took a class of officers. While fixing the responsibility of the secretaries concerned for recruitment in the departments, he said that strict action will be taken against the officials concerned for delaying the recruitment process.

He directed that the progress report of the recruitment process should be made available to the Secretary Personnel every 10 days. Secretary personnel compile the report received from all departments and present it to the Chief Minister. In the meeting, the Chief Minister instructed to provide details in the prescribed format to the Personnel Department at the earliest, reprimanding the departments for not providing full details of vacant posts and the action taken for filling them. He said that the state government wants to get vacant posts as soon as possible.

So that the youth get employment opportunities and development work should not be interrupted in the absence of employees. No negligence will be tolerated in this. There should not be unnecessary delays in completing the formalities.

Committee of Secretaries will monitor the recruitment process
The Chief Minister also directed to constitute a committee at the government level for monitoring the recruitment process. This committee will continuously monitor the status of vacant posts in departments and the action being taken to fill them. Said that there should be no shortfall in the recruitment proposal sent by the departments. For this, coordination should be made with the State Public Service Commission and Subordinate Services Selection Commission to ensure that deficiencies are removed without delay. Recruitment proposals for vacant posts should be sent to the commissions at the earliest.

Posts of similar nature should be filled together
The Chief Minister directed that the process of filling posts of the same nature of different departments should be carried out simultaneously. This will relieve applicants from applying again and again. Special priority should be given to removing the shortage of field staff. The Chief Minister expected the State Public Service Commission and Subordinate Services Selection Commission to expedite the recruitment process. The Commission should make the government aware when resources are required for this.

Contractual workers preferred in regular recruitment
The Chief Minister has also directed to provide details of Upanal, PRD and other contractual personnel working against the vacant posts in various departments. Preference will be given to the regular recruitment of contractual personnel.

Commissions kept the details of the recruitment process
State Public Service Commission Chairman Anand Singh Rawat said that currently, no recruitment proposal is pending. The recruitment process of the Uttarakhand Civil Services Judge will be completed by December 2019 and the recruitment of Economic and Statistical Officer and Assistant Forest Guard by March 2020. Subordinate Services Selection Commission Chairman S Raju said that the recruitment process is going on for five thousand posts in the Commission. The recruitment process for these posts will be completed in seven to eight months.


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