Uttarakhand: 185 species of extinct grasses will be preserved, nursery built here

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Forest Research Center will protect the grass species of grass in the country. For this, about 185 species of grass in the Ranikhet nursery are being planted. Forest department has preserved over 25 species of grass in the nursery.

About 185 species of grass are found in Uttarakhand. All of these five-six species are on the verge of extinction. There is a crisis of fodder on the mountain. Due to this, the Forest Research Center started researching the grass found in the state. It was found that about 185 species of grass are in the state, but this grass has remained limited to a certain area.

Because of this, the Forest Department decided to preserve these grasses in one place. 25 grass species from different regions of the state have been planted in the Dwarasu Nursery of Ranikhet. The nursery has been prepared in its 0.15-hectare plot under the Campa Yojana.

Grass grows at 500 to 5000 meters height
The grasses of 185 species found in the state are found in Tarai Bhabar and in the upper Himalayan region. It grows at a height of 500 meters to 5000 meters. 125 species of grass of 255 clans are found in India. The grass species occupy important places in biodiversity, environmental protection, and balance. In addition to grass fodder, there is an increase in soil strength, protection and also medicinal value.

These grasses were planted
In the Dwarasu Nursery of Ranikhet, love, Kush, Napier, Vavila, Ginni, Dolani, Guchi, Sita, Ounces, Kansas, Kumeria, Dub, Lemon, Bichhu, Nalika, Gondia, Rye, Broome, Chitra, Angora, Wild Maduwa, Masan, Jay and Guina Grass have been planted.

Many species of grass in the state are disappearing. In this way, their nursery is being prepared in one place. 25 species of grass has been planted in Dwarasu Nursery. Read more posts…
-Sanjiv Chaturvedi, Forest Guardian Research, Uttarakhand


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