Unreserved tickets should not be a matter of fight between pilgrims

Special Guests

A Help Desk has been set up on all major stations of Moradabad division including Dehradun, Haridwar, Luksar, Moradabad, Bareilly, on the orders of the Railway Board, for non-firing of pilgrims to purchase unreserved tickets. Employees posted on these are providing information about passengers downloading UTS mobile app in their mobile and picking tickets for them.

On Thursday, Senior Commerce Inspector SK Agrawal of Dehradun Railway Station told that a help desk has been set up at the station. At the same time, employees have been deployed at this desk. On Thursday, the staff posted on this desk downloaded the UTS App to 50 passengers mobile.

After that he was given the information of getting unreserved tickets. Senior commerce inspector SK Agrawal said that the board’s attempt is to hire more passengers from mobile. With this, a bonus of Rs 5 rupees is also being given to the passengers on ticket.


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