Unlock-1: electronics industries back on track in Uttarakhand

electronics industries

The electronics industries battered by the Corona epidemic have found new life once again. It is the encouragement of the entrepreneurs that despite hanging locks in the industries for two months, they did not give up and now the production is back on track again. Along with production in industries, exports have also started.

There are 23,451 industries connected with electronic and electrical equipment businesses across the state. Of these, 99 industries are large and medium-sized and the rest 23,352 belong to MSMEs. These industries provide direct employment to 32,550 people.

All industries were shut down in lockdown from 25 March. The business of these industries came to a complete standstill for about two months. Then industries began opening on April 25 with conditions in Lockdown 3.0. From May 6, all types of industries were allowed to get unconditional production from the government. After this, the pace of opening of industries accelerated. After one month, till Saturday, 22,525 industries have started production in the state.

These devices are produced

Industrialists Manoj Gupta, Himesh Cooper, Arun Rawat, etc. informed that cooler, AC, fans, mixer grinders, juicers, washing machines, underground pipes, switches, wires, electronic meters from the industrial area in Selakui, Haridwar, Bhagwanpur, Jwalapur, etc. Equipment like cable, small transformer are being exported to states like Himachal, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, etc.


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