Unlock-01: Municipal house tax counters to be opened from June 8

Municipal house tax counters

Municipal house tax counters that have been closed for two and a half months due to lockdown will open from June 8, i.e Monday. However, only 25 people will be allowed to come to the tax counter in a day. First, these people will be sanitized by sitting in the municipal town hall and will be sent to the tax counter through the token system.

Also, a hearing will be started in the matter of transfer of property from June 8. Apart from this, giving the taxpayers another opportunity for the financial year 2019-20, the benefit of a 20 percent rebate is being given. This benefit will be available only till 15 July.

Under Unlock-1 released by the central government, now government offices are also making efforts to speed up the functioning. Under this, the Municipal Corporation has made preparations to resume the process of depositing house tax stopped on March 15.

Municipal Commissioner Vinay Shankar Pandey told that tax collection will be initiated with the adherence to physical distance. Only 25 people will be allowed to collect tax in a day. First, people will be given tokens by sitting in the town hall of the corporation. Then one by one will be sent to the tax counter.

If the number of people increases in one day, then the rest of the tokens will be given the next day. Municipal Commissioner Vinay Shankar Pandey ordered two counters in the Town Hall for this. The Municipal Commissioner said that from June 8, the hearing of cases of daily mutations is being started in the office of Deputy Municipal Commissioner Sonia Pant. Notice of the due date will be given to the parties related to the disputed matters through notice.

Public complaints will be heard in the corporation

Public complaints hearing is being started in the municipal corporation from today. Municipal Commissioner Vinay Shankar Pandey told that hearing will be done under the physical distance rules and officers have been appointed for this. Public issues will be heard in Municipal Corporation Town Hall for six days.

Told that on Monday and Tuesday, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Rohitash Sharma and Assistant Municipal Commissioner Sanjay Kumar will hear public issues. Deputy city commissioner Sonia Pant and senior city health officer Dr. RK Singh will look after these responsibilities on Wednesday and Thursday. At the same time, on Friday and Saturday, this responsibility will be heard by Assistant Municipal Commissioner Ravindra Kumar Dayal and Assistant Commissioner Bijal Das. The city commissioner has instructed the Chief City Health Officer, Dr. Kailash Joshi to provide sanitizer and mask.


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