Unique device: If the driver is drunk or asleep, then the vehicle will stop itself, know how

Scientists of Uttarakhand Residential University have created a device for the vehicles with the help of Graphene (Carbon Fraction) that will stop the vehicle if the driver is intoxicated, is in sleep or when the speed of the vehicle is too fast. Laboratory testing of this device has been successful. With the cooperation of RI Strument and Innovation India Company from June 2, this device will start production.

According to University Vice-Chancellor Professor HS Dhami, the device is being sent to Japan for testing in vehicles under the agreement with Honda and Ford Company. Both companies will make the final test by fitting in this device. After getting the green signal from these companies, the production of this device will be started as per demand. Once the commercial trial is successful, a separate agreement will be made with Honda and Ford companies.

The device will work as such
This device is a kind of sensor that will stop the engine of the vehicle if the driver is intoxicated, or if he is sleepy and the speed of the vehicle is more than a limit. Graphene has been used to prepare this device. The University is working on Graphene and the first Breath Analyzer has also been prepared with the help of Graphene.

Control over the accidents
Test at the lab level is completely successful. Now in the second phase, a professional test is being done. If this test is successful, it would be a major achievement in the coming days to stop auto accidents. Read more posts…

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