Under the bridge, a pregnant woman was found moaning, the NGO helped her out

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A pregnant woman, who was moaning under a bridge located in Selaqui, was brought to the Women’s Hospital on Monday night. There was a ruckus for not admitting her there. The woman was admitted when the police arrived.

Till late at night, the doctor in the hospital had been preparing for her delivery. It is being told that the woman is mentally ill and she was brought by one person from Haridwar to this area. Information about him could not be found yet.

According to the information, on Monday, some people saw a woman whining under the bridge of a monsoon river in Selaqui area. After this, the people called NGO Director Pooja Bahukhandi.

Pooja, who reached the spot, called the ambulance and brought her to the Women’s Hospital. It has been reported that doctors here refused to recruit women without a police investigation.

On this, other people including Pooja, have created a ruckus in the hospital. On receipt of the information of the riot, the policemen deployed at Doon Hospital Police Chowki reached the spot. After this, the woman was admitted to the hospital.

Chowki in-charge Pushpa Arya told that a woman who was brought to the hospital from Selaqui was examined. It showed that the time of pregnancy is almost complete. After this, the women doctors started preparing for her delivery.

Until late night, the woman did not deliver. There is no information regarding this case to the Sahaspur Police. On the other hand, Chowki in-charge Selaqui Navneet Bhandari told that he was not aware of the matter. Read more posts…


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