Under MNREGA, 7771 Gram Panchayats will provide employment to workers


In Unlock-1, 7791 Gram Panchayats of the state will now be able to improve their panchayat buildings, schools, health centers, etc. and can also build new panchayat buildings. In this work, they will have to spend 50 percent money under MNREGA. In this way, these panchayats will give employment to the workers with the work done at a cost of about 500 crores.

The Union Ministry of Panchayat and Rural Development have jointly issued an order in this context to increase employment at the village level under COVID-19. Additional Secretary Panchayat and Director Harish Chandra Semwal confirmed this. Panchayats in the state has received an additional fund of about Rs 515 crore for this work.

Panchayats have also been told that they can use this money to repair other buildings in the Gram Panchayat area. This is one of the cases when the two ministries have jointly issued this order. Panchayat Minister Arvind Pandey also urged the delegates to spend this money at the E-Panchayat held on Thursday.

This expense will be used to empty the school

According to the Panchayat Department, most of the quarantine centers are built in schools. In such a situation, when the school starts, then the money can be used to evacuate, then this money can be used to develop other buildings as quarantine centers.

The Center has also issued the order and the Panchayat representatives were also informed about it in the E-Panchayat. About 5000 Gram Panchayat representatives attended the E-Panchayat. This step will also increase employment in villages.
– Harish Chandra Semwal, Additional Secretary Panchayat

Status of Panchayat buildings in the state

– There are no Panchayat buildings in about 1600 Gram Panchayats
– Nearly two thousand Panchayat buildings need to be repaired
– Panchayat can spend around 20 lakhs maximum

This is how the money was arranged

-258 crores is the 14th Finance Commission which has not been used. Panchayats can use this money.
-15th Finance Commission has given 257 crores rupees under the untied fund to the panchayats of the state. This money will also be released soon. Panchayats can also use this money.

Chief Minister’s unique initiative for self-employment

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has launched a self-employment campaign to motivate the youth for self-employment. The Chief Minister is motivating others by tweeting about the youth starting their business. His tweet also attached a video of self-employed people.

The Chief Minister tweeted on Thursday about 24-year-old Pawan of Kandekanyal village of Kanda tehsil of Bageshwar district. Pawan, who returned from Delhi, opened a salon in his own area in return. This not only created self-employment but also employed another person. The Chief Minister has written in the tweet that by joining the self-employment campaign, uncover stories of people like Pawan, and inspire others towards self-employment. No work is small or big. There is a need to engage more youth in self-employment just like Pawan.

He has also made a tweet about Anuj Bisht of Dang village in Kaljikhal. Anuj has opened a poultry farm in his area. The Chief Minister has written that this successful effort of Anuj will awaken and inspire other youth of the state. He said that all of you can meet the District Magistrate in your respective district and take advantage of the Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojana. Youth should not only join self-employment but also employ others.


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