Two youths covered thousands of km by bicycle, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, gave this message

Two students have set an example by making the citizens aware of environmental protection. Abin C. Joseph and Surya Narayanan, a BSc Agriculture and Forestry third year student of Doon PG College of Agriculture Science and Technology, Dehradun, covered a distance of four and a half thousand kilometers for 45 days by bicycle and conveyed the message of protecting the environment from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Both students hail from Kerala and have come to Doon to pursue higher education.

Abin C. Joseph and Surya Narayanan, who studied in college, planned to do something with their friends that would be beneficial and inspiring for the whole country. After consultations with college spokespersons and friends, it was decided that the environment protection in the country should be aroused through cycle. The two students started their Cycle journey from Samba sector in Jammu and Kashmir on July 9. Which was flagged off by the army officials. Both students traveled 120 to 150 kilometers per day. They used to travel by bicycle daily from five in the morning to 11 in the evening and from four in the evening to seven in the morning.

Meanwhile, they also faced 42 to 46 degree Celsius temperatures in many places in Haryana in strong sunlight, but the courage of both the students still did not deteriorate. Their four thousand six hundred kilometer cycle journey passed through 29 states of the state. Told that they got a lot of support from people passing through the cities of Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Punjab. During this time both students gave the message of ‘One tree can save the world’. On August 5, their cycle journey ended in Kanyakumari.

Manzoor Ahmed, dean of Doon PG College of Agriculture Science and Technology, said that we are proud of both the students of the institute. Both students decided to start the ‘Go Green India’ campaign in order to create awareness about environmental protection in the country. Traveling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari for 45 consecutive days and conveying the message of environmental protection is a matter of pride for the institute as well as Uttarakhand and the country. Abin and Surya have emerged as role models for crores of youth.

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