Two students leaked Apple 6 million rupees, this game has been running from 2017


Technology giant Apple has been cheated for nearly six crores of rupees by two Chinese students. This event is from Oregon of America. According to The Verge’s report, these two Chinese students have cheated Apple in the name of changing of the iPhone. Now both of these students are being sued in a federal court. Let’s know the whole case.

The game was going on since 2017. The game started in the year 2017 when engineering student Yangyang Zhou and Quan Jiang started smuggling of fake iPhone. These two students used to come to America with the iPhone from China. After that, they used to take the iPhone to repair or replace in the service center and used to say they got a fake iPhone. The English website The Verge report said that both of these students complained about the highest number of iPhone not turning on in the service center.

Apple replaces the fake phone with real iPhone
In most cases, Apple gave them the real iPhone after the complaints of these two students. It is reported that in this process, Apple has a loss of around Rs 6 crore. The iPhone that was sent to the service center to replace was bought in China. According to the report, both the students claimed for 3,069 iPhones warranty, of which Apple accepted 1,493 claims.

At the same court both the students said that they did not know about the fake phone. While on Zhou, where there is an allegation of exporting illegal goods, Jiang is accused of smuggling and cheating of illegal goods. In 2018, Jiang was tracked for a long time via GPS. Read more posts…


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