Two siblings cheated and looted in the name of lift


Two young men in the car let the siblings get a lift while going to Rishikesh. After a distance, the two took the cash and their bag showing the fear of police checking and changed the envelope of cash with great cleanliness. After this, the two men left the siblings near to Doiwala and fled. The woman has filed a lawsuit in the Nehru Colony police station regarding this incident.
Subhash Dabral, son of Rajendra Prasad Dabral, a resident of Lane number one, Mothrovala Vishnupuram told the police that he had come with his elder sister Lata Devi for Rishikesh. Both had to go to their home at Lambhgaon (Tehri Garhwal). He was waiting for that car near the old Bypass Chowki on Haridwar Road when a grey car coming from Mata Mandir Road stopped near him. Two young men were in the car.
On being asked by the youth, Lata told that have to go to Rishikesh. Then both of them said that they are also going to Rishikesh and they will leave them till there. Lata and her brother sat in the car on this. After crossing Jogiwalai, the two said that the police checking is going on in a distance. They asked for whatever belongings they have which the will hide in the car. Lata gave both the envelope, in which she kept Rs 1.65 lakh and gave her bag too.
After a while, both the young men put the envelope in their bag and returned. When they reached Doiwala, both of them said that they will get the car checked and that they can walk on foot. Subhash and Lata waited for the car to return for a while, but the car did not come for a long time. Then they thought something was wrong and opened the envelope kept in the bag. They saw it was empty. All the money and ATM cards were missing from it.


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