Twitter’s big decision, more than 400 people in a day cannot be followed


On micro-blogging site Twitter, on Monday, in order to reinforce the spam senders, no user will be able to follow more than 400 new handles a day. A statement issued by San Francisco-based company said that no user can now follow more than 400 handles a day. Earlier this number was 1000.

Twitter’s team has tweeted, “Follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow!” Who does this? Spammers (spam messengers).” The team has written, “so we are reducing the number of handouts to be followed in one day from 1000 to 400. You do not worry. You will not have any problem.” Significantly, Twitter’s policies prohibit sending spam.

It is worth noting that a policy of Twitter was implemented from 10th September 2018, in which a limit was made to tweet, retweet, follow, unfollow and direct message. According to the old rules, only 300 tweets could be retweeted in 3 hours. In addition to 24 hours, you could just pick up 1000 tweets and follow 1000 people. In 24 hours you could send direct messages to 15,000 people.

Who will be harmed?
This new policy of Twitter will be a big loss to those celebrities, whose followers have become millions in 24 hours after creating an account and thousands of times they retweet their tweets. However, this policy will stop the promotion of fake news. Read more posts…


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