Transformation journey challenged by the former CM’s campaign

The only mission of the Congress in the state is to contest the electoral battle with the hazardous power in the Lok Sabha elections. For this, the state Congress has started the transformation journey, but this organization’s program is being challenged by the former Chief Minister Harish Rawat’s public relations program. Bad weather may have disturbed the change of state journey in mountainous areas, but the former Chief Minister and the National General Secretary of Congress Harish Rawat have continued his public relations campaign.
It is due to only Harish Rawat’s political style that the state organization had to start the transition journey immediately after a change in the weather. The state organization has fixed the date for the second phase of the journey from January 29.
Party organization and veteran leaders have been active in the state after the instructions from the Congress high command to prepare for the Lok Sabha elections firmly. The state Congress Committee had started a transit journey from Jaunsar Bawar area of Tehri parliamentary constituency since January 21.
State Congress chief Pritam Singh and leader of the opposition, Indira Hridayesh, in the presence of the former state president Kishore Upadhyay, strongly began the transit journey. It is a matter of fact that the transit journey started in the mountainous region was disturbed by the weather. Due to heavy snowfall, the state organization stopped its transit journey in the middle.
However, this change journey of the state organization is getting a challenge from the day before the former Chief Minister Harish Rawat. Rawat is fully active to maintain his hold over the party and the state’s affairs.
In the Lok Sabha elections, Harish Rawat, one of the main contenders of the party, has registered his presence in Haridwar Parliamentary Constituency through Ganna-Ganga Yatra. Not only this, Harish Rawat has started public relations campaign in Parliamentary Areas through the mutation program in Kumaon Mandal.
It is a matter of fact that they have assured to participate in the transformation visit of the state organization, but so far the state organization does not even have information about where and how they will adjust to the change journey.
It is also certain that Harish Rawat has not allowed obstruction of his political activism and public relations campaign despite bad weather. Consequently, its pressure on the state organization is still visible. The state organization is starting its disrupted transit journey from January 25. It will last until January 27. After this, the transit journey for Nainital Parliamentary seat from Jan 29 will be started from Khatima.
However, Harish Rawat has already visited many parts of this parliamentary area. At the same time, the changes of political analysts are also confined to the confluence of the state organization and Harish Rawat.

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