Trains can be stopped from Dehradun railway station from 10 November to 7 February

Due to platform expansion work in Dehradun, the operation of trains from Doon from November 10 to February 7, 2020, maybe stopped. Some trains operated from Haridwar will also be affected. The contractor has made a proposed schedule of the traffic block through the officials and sent it to the Railway Board.

There are four platforms at Doon station so far. As part of station expansion, the track of the number five platform is being prepared by Singhal Mandi. Five number and four number platforms will be face to face.

Platform work started about two years ago. This work was incomplete since December-2018. The work has now started on getting the tender to the new contractor. Trains will have to be closed to complete the new track, its connectivity to the main track and expansion of yard, etc.

For this, the proposal from 10 November 2019 to 7 February 2020 has been sent to the Railway Board by the contractor. According to the proposed schedule, some trains operating from Dehradun will run from Haridwar and Najibabad.

While some trains are also proposed to be canceled altogether. Additional station superintendent Sitaram Sonkar said that the contractor has just sent the proposal. Action will be implemented as per the instructions of high officials. As soon as the traffic block program is finalized, passengers will be informed about it through various means

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