Training for unemployed youth developing skills related to nature

The Forest Environment and Climate Change Ministry of the Central Government have launched the Green Skills Development Scheme for the youth to stop migrating to the Himalayan region, which will create employment opportunities by developing skills associated with youth in nature.
Sikkim unit of GB Pant Himalayan Environment and Development Institute has started nature tourism training for local youth this month. At the same time, training is being done to prepare the registration related to biodiversity in GB Pant Institute, Katarmal. Other types of training will be given to the youth of the Himalayan region by preparing coal from Pirul along with untimely vegetable production.
The central government has now decided to create employment opportunities at the local level by developing skills in the youth of the Himalayan region. Green Skills Development Programs are being started in all the Himalayan states including Uttarakhand, Himachal, Sikkim, by GB Pant Himalayan Environment and Development Institute Kosi Katarmal (Almora) for this purpose.
Dr. RS Rawal, Director of GB Pant Institute said that three-week Nature Tourism training programs are being run by Sikkim unit of Institute from January to March. In the training receiving by the youth, they can earn income acting as a guide to the tourists visiting the area by giving information about ecotourism, nature-related topics including local vegetation etc.
Dr. Rawal said that from the first week of January, 15 unemployed of Uttarakhand are being trained to prepare public biodiversity registers at local GB Pant Institute. He said that under the biodiversity act passed in 2004 by the Central Government, it is necessary to create biodiversity registration creating biodiversity management committee from Gram Panchayat to district panchayat level.
After obtaining biodiversity training, unemployed youths can earn income by getting registrations. Apart from this, under the Green Skills Development Plan, training will be given to the youth for making coal and paper and generating untimely vegetable etc. The training of Himachal Pradesh branch of the institute is being done to make the youths of the village like Hishalu, Killmoda etc being made in forests, making jams, murabba, etc.

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