Training for sustainability and managing resources

Training for the personnel of the Ecological Battalion of Territorial Army began on Monday. It is a week-long training on silviculture and forestry where the trainees will be trained for managing resources on FRI.

The trainees will be having lectures on the topic, besides, visits to nursery, laboratories. There will be more emphasis laid on practical exposure in seed handling, nursery establishment and plantation activities, said the course coordinator Manisha Thapliyal. The training module includes the techniques of seed storage, seed dormancy pretreatments, nursery techniques of important tree species of different states.

FRI director Savita inaugurated the training session and said that the ecological battalions of the Territorial Army are doing commendable work on afforestation of degraded, disturbed and difficult sites. FRI will provide the trainees scientific inputs on silvicultural aspects like seed collection, quality evaluation, nursery raising, and plantation establishment and management.

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