Tourists will now be able to stay in apartments in this region surrounded by beautiful scenery

stay in apartments

Like metropolitan cities, the cities of Uttarakhand will also be able to give tourists a stay in apartments like a hotel. For this, the government is going to bring the apartment policy, which has been drafted. The draft states that 20 percent of the apartments built under group housing are exempted from commercial use. That is, the concerned builder or company will be able to use this part for a hotel or other business activity. It will be mandatory to provide facilities and facilities like a house to the people residing there.

Tourists or others arriving from various functions in metro cities prefer to stay in apartments than in hotels. In Uttarakhand too, people coming from all the functions including tourists, find apartments but cannot find it. In view of this, the government started exercising the apartment policy, but in the past, this campaign could not take place due to other reasons, including RERA’s existence. After nearly a year of hard work, it has now been drafted. According to sources, it has been emphasized in the draft that a 20 percent share mix or commercial use will be exempted in any apartment.

For this, a condition has been laid that after parking in such apartments, there will be a department store, restaurant and other facilities on the first floor. Under Mix Use, 20 percent of the apartments can be used as hotels, paying guests. It will be a condition that people living there should get facilities like home. This will be the responsibility of the builder or company to whom the group housing project will be given. After this policy came into existence, there is a possibility of accelerating the group housing project in the cities of the state. Also, with the availability of house-like facilities in the apartment to tourists, their arrival in the state will increase.

Urban Development Minister Madan Kaushik said that the state does not yet have an apartment policy. The policy has been drafted after working on it. It will soon be moved to the cabinet. It will be implemented after cabinet approval.


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