Tourist entry into tourist city Lansdowne ban till June 30

tourist city Lansdowne

The entry of tourists from outside areas has been banned till 30 June in Pauri district’s main tourist town and cantonment town Lansdowne. Also, local people coming from outside states will also be given entry into the boundary of Lansdowne Cantt only after showing the certificate of institutional quarantine for seven days. Police and departmental staff have been deployed at Cantt borders to get the Cantt Council to follow the Cantt instructions.

Cantonment Council Chairman Brigadier Anoop Singh Chauhan issued these instructions on Friday in the exercise of the powers conferred in the Cantt Act- 2006. He said that these steps have been taken to protect the tourist town, Lansdowne, from the Covid-19 epidemic. Under this, the entry of tourists to Lansdowne till June 30 will be completely prohibited. Local people coming from the outskirts will also necessarily have to stay in the institutional quarantine for seven days. Only after showing its certificate in the toll barrier will they be allowed to enter the Cantt area. After this, he will stay at Home Quaranton for 14 days. The list of government employees to be home quarantined will be submitted by the Cantonment Council to the Head of Department.

Cantonment Council has also formed two parties to ensure that the Cantt Chairman complies with the instructions. He will surprise inspections to ensure adherence to rules. Cantt CEO Bhupathi Rohit has also spoken of taking action against those who did not follow the instructions.

Asymptomatic people get rid of paid quarantine

Asymptomatic people coming to Uttarakhand by air service have now been given relief from paid quarantine. Such people coming from other states via corona infection sensitive cities will be quarantined for 14 days.

The state government has amended the guidelines issued on Friday, June 2 to include new provisions. Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh issued an order on behalf of Uttarakhand State Disaster Management Authority to amend the Standard Operating Law (SOP) issued to prevent Covid-19 infection.

According to the order, asymptomatic people coming from other states have been given great relief by air service. Those coming through air service stops in cities affected by the Corona infection have been exempted from paid quarantine. They will remain home quarantined for 14 days.


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