Total eight patients have been confirmed of swine flu and died


The swine flu virus is taking one person after another. In Dehradun and the surrounding areas, this virus is spreading not only fast but also proving fatal.
The Health Department, where ‘death audit’ is involved, the number of those who are dying from this disease is increasing. Elderly woman admitted to Synergy Hospital due to swine flu has died after which the number of those who died of swine flu has now become eight.
One of them was a resident of UP. At the same time, six patients are still undergoing treatment in various hospitals in the city. According to Chief Medical Officer Dr SK Gupta, a 65-year-old elderly woman of Mehunwala died on Friday. She was suffering from swine flu and she was undergoing treatment for 13 days.
He said that three patients in Synergy, one in Shri Mahant Indresh Hospital and two patients are recruited in Max Hospital. One of the patients has gone home. It is reported that the swine flu has been confirmed in the samples collected from all the hospitals. The hospitals have been told to alert themselves by giving this information.


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