Top 3 snacks you can easily make at your home

Foods To Make At Home
Whenever people think about eating and going out, they focus more on the whole experience rather than just thinking about ‘food’. They do not want this to be just a ‘sit, eat and go’ experience. They want to feel  special and spend some quality time with their loved ones. However, Homemade food is nothing less tastier than that of Restaurant food , it’s fresh and good for health too , so let’s talk about our top 3 snacks you can easily make at your home and surprise your loved ones :
1. White Sauce Pasta :
White Sauce Pasta is an easy pasta recipe made with white sauce and vegetables. The white Sause used in this pasta recipe is French Bezamel Sauce, which is made from flour, butter and milk. In this recipe, I have not used paneer and have added a veggie to make it even more radiant. Pasta is easy to make in white sauce and it takes about 25-30 minutes.
2. Potato Nuggets :
Potato Nuggets is a very popular potato snack recipes made from mashed potatoes. I am not going to tell you that this is a very healthy meal, or you can serve it to all types of guests. I would say that even though this is a very pleasant meal, and everyone’s favorite, but some people like diabetic people or high cholesterol people should keep a distance from this kind of food , so i would either advise not to include it in your list , or  will suggest an attempt to include other such equally enticing alternatives, for example, cheese tikka, veg soy kebab or even baked pizza baskets and cottage cheese Exotica Fingers, Veg Spring Rolls, Cheese Cutlets, Crispy French Fries, Bread Rolls Stuffed, Crispi Paneer Korn Kebab, Bread bread rings etc.
3. Honey Chilli Potato :
Honey Chilli Potato is a very popular Chinese snack, especially in India. It is crunchy and very tasty. These Deep-fried potatoes are made with a mixture of chili sauce, honey and garlic, vinegar, salt, pepper, and chili flakes. This sugar snack can be made very quickly. This is also a “favorite kids Recipe”  and I bet no one can deny it, though it is bit heavy, it results in a great combo with Orio Shake, Kitkat Shake or any other shake. It is often served as a starter. If you are planning a Chinese party, then pair it with a spring roll and work as an appetizer with a hot and sour soup. Remember to serve small portions of this snack as it is quite filling. Also, serve it immediately or else it will become sour.
Written by :
– Twinkle Varshney
Instagram: @paapi__pet_


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